Incubation #1 — Our First Egg Incubation

12 Nov

Our first incubation of chicken eggs was October 16, 2013 11:30am – November 7, 2013.

Hatch Rate:  33%

Number of Chicks:  7 Living — two more hatched but died.  Several others were close to hatching and died for unknown causes.  One from pipping wrong end and failing, another from unabsorbed yolk sac and/or head opposite of air sac.

Learned:  Fluctuation of temperature, even a few degrees can be a major issue if its constantly fluctuation.  Humidity at the minimum of 50% for lockdown is necessary (65% preferred) and KEEP EGGS LARGE END UP!  Doing so makes it rare for birds to try pipping the wrong end or being malformed.  Also… learned we needed a new incubator because our makeshift reptile cage wasn’t cutting it well.

October 16, 2013 — Incubator Ready and Eggs Purchased (and named!)

P1210333 P1210335 P1210339

Candling Day 9/10ish



2013-11-01-19-31-11-888 2013-11-04-19-59-14-441 2013-11-04-20-22-45-004


P1240480 P1240501 P1240507 P1240517 P1240530 P1240576 P1240585 P1240625


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